Hy everyone

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I'm a french nurgle coach,

I have absolutely no idea in where should I’ve to post this text (feel free to move it).

I'm gonna spend one month in Umea in June and I'm free for an bloodbowl match!

I don't speak one word of Swedish and this will be my first international match :)



  • You dare challange us vikings, the orginal Chaos champions?! Fool!

    Anyhow, I hope someone plays a game with you. I only play 40k. But its fun with a few international players droping by, so it should be encouraged. :)

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    Welcome! We are currently in the finals of our current league. This would mean that by June coming there would be quite a few coaches with too much spare time, as the BUBBLE league is then having a summer break.

  • Good! I think Swedish bloodbowl player have a revenge to take on French players after the Eurobowl 2012!

    Do you think it will be possible to borrow some figurines? I'm not sure that I could take mine in the plane.

  • As a frequent fly-around tournament player, yes you can bring them along on the flight as long as there is space in the suitcase. As for borrowing teams, the other coaches need to fill me in on it, as I only have one (Chaos) team painted and ready.

  • i have my team somewhere in the storige room and a few extra teams would love to play a game or 20 but cant reme ber the rules it's been ages since i played

  • ah but no chaos team

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    Hi Thamier,

    I have a bunch of teams painted up and just got knocked out of our local league and will probably get withdrawal symptoms if I don't get to play anything until autumn. Live a bit outside of Umeå (in Sävar) but I have a car so I'm pretty mobile. Let me know when you have the time to play and we can probably arrange a game or two.

  • I'm game on as well. We can sort something out. No problems!

  • By the way, we are about to start testing the rules for our upcoming weekend tournament Doubt V (starting skills and extra gold, permanently hired star players and some other things). This is a perfect opportunity to score some one-off games with people wanting to try out their tournament rosters.

  • That's sounds good! Where can I find the rules of your tourney? I will land on friday. Could you play in the evening during the week? I would like to spare my weekend discovering sweden ;)

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    They are in swedish only at the moment (mainly because I'm lazy) and they are still experimental. We are still trying out rules to see if there is anything we want to tweak before the tournament. Here is a quick translation of the rules that will matter for single games:

    • Basic rules: BB Official Competition Rules (LRB6 / CRP)
    • Tournament Style: Resurrection (non-progressive)
    • Time limit: 4 minutes per round / 2 hours per match.
    • Illegal Procedure: Not used unless both coaches agree.
    • Scoring: Win +15, Draw +10, Loss +5, +/- TD diff +/- CAS diff
    • Each coach chooses a race (Competition Rules + Chaos Pact, Slann and Underworld) and buys his team to a Team Value of 1,300,000. Points can be used to buy players, cheerleaders, assistant coaches, fan factor, rerolls and apothecary. 150.000 May be used to buy skills in accordance with their cost in the rulebook (20K regular, 30K Double). No stat increases are allowed. A skill may only be bought twice to the team
    • Player Requirements: Each player during the tournament may only have one extra skill.
    • Inducements: One star player allowed. No other inducements. Except for Ogre, Halflings and Goblins who may have two star players. Halflings also get to have their chef and Goblins may purchase bribes.
    • Team requirements: Each team must have at least 11 players, any star player does not count.

    Custom Weather Table:
    2: Deep snow - The pitch is covered by a thick layer of soft fluffy snow, making it exhausting to move and hard to find a ball that is on the ground. Even players used to snow have problems with not sinking down in the snow and getting stuck. -1 to pick up the ball and the ball never bounces on kick-off or missed passes. GFI:s are very exhausting and fails on everything but a 6, but the damage from GFIs are never worse than stunned.
    3: Very Cold - It is so cold out there that some players are close to becoming frozen statues. Roll a d6 for each player on the field after a touchdown is scored or when a half ends. On a roll of 1, the player has to be taken from the pitch to be thawed out. Place them in the Reserve box.
    4: Strong Winds - Immediately roll randomly on the Scatter template to determine wind direction. The result is the direction of the Strong Wind, which stays in effect until the weather changes. All Kick-Offs, Inaccurate Passes and Thrown Players will be blown an additional d6 squares in this direction before normal scatter rolls are made.
    5-9: Nice - Perfect Blood Bowl Weather!
    10 : Cold Rain - It's raining and it's below zero, making the ball slippery with ice and difficult to hold. This causes a -1 modifier on all attempts to catch the ball, including picking it up and handing it off.
    11-12: Blizzard - It's cold and snowing! The ice on the pitch means that any player attempting to move an extra square (GFI) will slip and be Knocked Down on a roll of 1 or a 2, whilst the snow means that only Quick or Short passes can be attempted.

    If anyone spots anything I missed or translated poorly, let me know and I will fix it.

  • Teams must be painted :D

  • Is it possible to put skills to a star player?

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    You are allowed to play with unpainted teams, but you just recieve so much negative point that you will have to play hard in order to avoid taking the last place. Unpainted teams also never win any tournament prices so you won't even get the last place award.

    No skills on star players.

  • For the one-off games of the pre-tournament the scoring rules are irrelevant though, as we are not keeping track of them (other than to boast on the forum, of course).

  • I'm free for a match !

  • I'm busy this week, but but next week I have time. A game next Tuesday?

  • Ok, for a game next tuesday, where is the meeting point?

  • That is a slight issue. I live a bit outside of Umeå, so we should try and find a venue to play which does not require 20 km of travel. Do you have a place where we can play? If not I will try and find something. Worst case, I will simply have to give you a lift and we can play at my place.

  • I live in a student residence in Pedagoggränd, Umea. We can play in my room, but I do not have any pitch. So if you can come up with a pitch there is no problem playing at my place.

  • Blood bowl-pitches are no problem. I will bring one to pedagoggränd on Tuesday.

  • Sent you a private message (viskning) to discuss things further.

  • Does someone else want to play this week?

  • i dug out my old undead team from storage, but very busy lately and need to relearn the rules firat

  • I have a must-be-played-this-week semi-final coming up. Next week I'm game on. Maybe Slann again for me :)

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