armé lista

vad tycks om listan jag tror det blir detta jag spelar på fanatic. om jag hinner skaffa en hive crown


Tyranid prime 125pts bone sword and lash whip 20pts: total 145


30 termagants 120pts

30 termagants 120pts

Tervigon 190pts

Tervigon 190pts

5 warriors 150pts 4 rending claws 20pts, bone sword and lash whip 20pts, barbed strangler 10pts, toxin sacs 15pts :total 215pts


3 Zoanthropes 150pts

Fast attack

Hive crown 155pts

Heavy support

Trygon 190pts

Trygon 190pts

2 Carnifex 280 Heavy venom canon 20pts, Twin-linked devourer with brain leech worms 15pts:total


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