The Mad the Bad and the Ugly II 50ss Malifaux turnering


Söndagen 11okt kör vi turnering på Saga galerian i Umeå


Upprop: 0930

Match 1: 1000-1220

Lunch: 1220-1300

Match 2 1300-1520

Match 3: 1540-1800

Pris utdelning 1820

Anmälan: Avgiuft 50kr görs via Fantasia


Deployment och Strategy match Schemes 1-3

1 Standard Deployment Turf War s65 och s66 stora regelboken

Schemes: A line in the sand, Power Ritual, Boddygard, Vendetta, Protekt Terretory

2 Corner Deployment Interference s65 och se neden

Schemes: A line in the sand,Framed for murder, Make them suffer, Assasinat, Entourage

3 Flank Deployment Collect the Bounty s65 och se neden

Schemes: A line in the sand, Boddygard, Brackthrough, Distract, Outflank

Strategy från Gaming grund 2015


Set Up

Divide the table into four 18" by 18" table Quarters.

Victory Points At the end of each Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it controls two or more table Quarters. To control a table Quarter, the Crew must have the most unengaged non-Peon models within the table Quarter. These models cannot be within 6” of the Center of the table, or partially within another table Quarter.

Collect the Bounty

Special Whenever an enemy model is killed or sacrificed, the acting model's controller scores a number of Bounty Points depending on the type of model which was killed or sacrificed. Models are worth the following number of

Bounty Points:

Peons: 0

Minions: 1

Enforcers: 2

Henchmen: 3

Masters: 4

At the end of each Turn, after calculating VP, reset each player to 0 Bounty Points.

Victory Points

At the end of every Turn after the first, the player with the most Bounty Points scores 1 VP. Either player may also score 1 VP if the opposing player has no models left in play. No more than 1 VP may be scored from this strategy per Turn. If both players still have models in play and they are tied for Bounty Points, neither will score any VP.

Crew Selection:

Inför varje match har man 10 min att välja / göra en lista

Man spellar antingen 2 Masters från 1 fraktion eller 1 master som man kan spela i 2 fraktioner

Deployment Strategy och Schemes. se åvan

Turneringen är nu upplagd som ett event på facebook så hjälp till att bjuda in kompisar

Övrigt HA KUL!

mvh niklas fällman


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