Kill team på FUSK på sagagallerian

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Jag tänkte att jag skulle starta en ny tråd där vi kan samla allt om Kill team istället för att fylla FUSK på sagagallerian tråden. Märk att jag har ändrat på Team skapandet. Specialister rullar inte fram sina färdigheter längre utan dom väljer från en lista. Finns i slutet utav regel delen. Det är en USR per specialist, alltså bara en modell i teamet får välja Stealth som specialist USR.

This is a small campaign set in the Warhammer 40k universe, using my own rules for kill-team battles. It starts out pretty basic but hopefully it will be more complicated in time.

Story synopsis
The Seraph sector have been plagued by a heretic cult leader only known as the tattered king for over a millennia. But now the Inquisitor Francisco Lorenzana believes to have found a clue to the kings secret on the forbidden planet Aza Prime. The Inquisitor and the king scrambles all their forces to stop each other.

How it will work
First you choose who you want to fight for (Lorenzana or the Tattered King.)
Then you choose your army and build a kill-team based upon my own kill-team rules.
Afterwards you turn up to the event to fight the enemy teams.
After each battle you report how it went to the event general (David Nordin).
Later the general reports the results online and presents the continuation of the story.

*Minst 3 modeller
*Ingen 2+ save
*Max en armour Value på 32
*Minst 50pts på Troops
*Du kan köpa från Elites/Troops/Fast attack/Heavy
*Inga Flyers
*Du köper uppgraderingar till dina figurer från codexet på en individuel basis. T.ex. om du har två space marines så kan du köpa meltagun till den ena och en plasma gun till den andra.
*Du får inte ta en Sergeanter eller dylikt till ditt lag.

Upp till tre modeller kan bli uppgraderade till specialister. Varje Specialist får ta en USR från listan nedanför, max en specialist per USR.

Modellen med högst LD är ledaren ifall det är flera så välj en av dom.

Om du vill så får du uppgradera din ledare till en sergeant eller dylikt enligt arme listan. Ledaren får +1 wound.
Ifall du uppgraderar din ledare så kanske nya föremål är tillgängliga för hen enligt armé listan.

Vissa codexar har redan kostnaden för enskilda modeller i armé listan. Men för dom som har en fast kostnad för hela enheten så delar man kostnaden i antalet medlemmar.Det finns vissa enheter som har en sergeant eller dylikt som är inräknad i enhetskostnaden i dessa fall så kostar sergeanten 10pts mer än de andra i enheten, så enklast är att dra bort tio poäng och sen dela kostnaden på antalet medlemmar.

Ex. Chaos space marines kostar 75pts för 4 CSM och 1 aspiring champion blir 75-10=65/5=13pts så en Chaos space marine kostar 13poäng.

ledaren är värd 2vp Specialister är värd 1VP (Ifall ledaren är en specialist så är han värd 3VP)

Specialist USR
Adamateum Will, Armourbane, Blind, Counter Attack, Crusader, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Feel No Pain,
Fleet, Fleshbane, Furious Charge, Hammer of Wrath, Hatred, Hit and Run, It Will Not Die, Monster Hunter,
Move Through Cover, Night Vision, Preferred Enemy (Everything!), Rage, Rampage, Relentless, Shred, Shrouded,
Skilled Rider, Stealth, Strikedown, Stubborn, Tank Hunter.


Seraph sector
In the Seraph sector the Imperium have been waging a secret war for the past millennium, against the enigmatic cult leader The Tattered King. The inquisition doesn’t know much besides the name, the only hard fact is that chaos is following in the kings footsteps.

The forbidden planet of Samyaza
Name: Aza Prime
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Seraph
System : Samyaza
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Forbidden
Tithe Grade:
Aza Prime is the main reason for the Samyaza system to be classified as a forbidden system.
When the imperium first discovered the planet it looked like a prime candidate for a agri world. But a few years after the colonization all the colonists had disappeared without a trace. But under further investigation they found ruins of a long gone civilisation dubbed Yazan, during the investigation all the members of the expedition and the crew of their ship also disappeared without a trace.

Francisco Lorenzana
A radical inquisitor of the ordo hereticus, who have dedicated his life to find and eradicate the Tattered king. Now he is determined that the secrets of the king can be found in the ruins on Aza Prime. He have contacted all his allies to help him in his quest.

Tattered king
The enigmatic king works in the shadows, no one knows who he is. But the inquisition is certain that he have a dangerously deep connection with the dark gods. He have been known to manipulate people to his whims, but more frightening is his power to manipulate the warp to his biding. In 653 M41 he somehow steered a space hulk filled with orks towards a imperial station, minutes before the hulk appeared a scrambled message played trough the intercom. After it had been unscrambled it had a message from the king.


  • First report
    ”Sir the first reports from the surface have arrived, they are a bit unsettling.” the young errand boy was looking really nervous when he spoke to the inquisitor. ”Well, what are they saying then.” Francisco anxious to hear news about the surface of Aza Prime. ”All reports are talking about heavy resistance, but the casualties are within acceptable parameters. Two of the teams have found the Tattered kings sign spread around the city. Also Zeta Team found a shielded temple whit the kings sign.” The boy handed over the transcripts to the inquisitor. ”What kind of resistance where they facing?” asked Francisco as he took the papers from the boy. ”The reports says that there were small squads of Chaos Space Marines, mercenary Orks, Eldar and also the Tyranids are there all ambushing the teams. But the Dark angels reported that some Silver clad marines teleported in and helped them.” Francisco looking through the papers as he listens looks up at the boy. ”Hmm that’s a real problem, if the Grey Knights are taking part in this matter something big is going to happen. And if what you say is correct then the King have greater influence than I thought. But anyway, send orders to deplo y the shield cracker, that should be enough to penetrate the shield without harming the temple.”

  • Second Report
    “Sir the shuttle carrying the shield cracker have been shoot down.” The Augur officer looked at the inquisitor waiting for his response. “Hmm that´s not good, send the coordinates for the crash site to the surface station so they may retrieve it. Also give them permission to search for the shields security codes.”

    Nu söndagen den trettonde så spelar vi fortsättningen på Kampanjen, den här gången så kommer det bli två matcher första matchen är från kl 13:00 till 15:00 sen tar vi en middags paus och börjar igen kl 17:00.
    Den första matchen så kommer det finnas fyra olika scenarion, och det är upp till båda sidorna att välja vilka scenarion deras lag ska fara på.
    Mer info om varje scenario får ni på plats.

    Scenario 1. Retrive the shield cracker
    Scenario 2. Search for the deactivation codes
    Scenario 3. Gather information about the enemy
    Scenario 4. Gather information about the old colony and the search expedition

  • låter jättebra, och tack för alt det job du har lagt ner på kampanjen

  • "Targets neutralized, chaos presence confirmed. Notify the ordo and proceed as ordered. Mind the witch, the daemon."

  • Third Report
    ”Sir theres a ship aproaching, it seems to be the Destinys Curse” The augury officer looks down on the console again, ”Have they seen us yet?” The inquisitor asked ”No they haven´t noticed our satelites yet.” Francisco looks over at the Captain ”Send the boarding crafts over there, since the herald should be present on the ship, let Icarus follow.” the Captain nods in respons.

    Jag ska försöka att uppdatera med fler delar allt eftersom.
    Det kommer att dröja ett tag nu tills nästa FUSK på fantasia, så jag funderar ifall vi inte ska spela en vardags kväll före nästa FUSK dag. Men jag återkommer med mer info om det senare.

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